Wake up; there is something great in store!

Are you planning a London visit in summer?  Just don’t end up roaming from one place to another instead make it a great tour with some outstanding activities and fun. Now let us take this chance to make you aware with a fresh side of the city. This is a home town of the Mr & Mrs Smith. You can make your summer tour really cool at this place.  Just plan it the right way and you can enjoy great time here.

Wake up; there is something great in store!

There are many places where you can eat best food here. EAT Dishoom Chowpatty Beach Bar is located on the south bank and you can have great delicacies here. If you are here then do not miss gola ices and dress parties. This is a wonderful place that you will discover at the back of pink fishing boat full of melons. The Southbank area is keeping it’s for intact with the beach that is near the Thames. You can enjoy this place especially in summer. You can take a way or dine in here. You can enjoy best food in the cool atmosphere here. This is a corner of the capital where you can enjoy the most authentic Indian flavour. There is also a pop up café cum bar where you can really pop in. Indians are really going to feel at home here and surely you are going to be nostalgic here. Just do not miss this place if you are a true Indian and missing your country while you are here.

 The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town cocktail bar is another great place to have the best drinks and some snacks as well. Enjoy the great atmosphere and the real peace of mind here. You will end up at the stylish place through a small fridge. You will surely be lost here and   you will enjoy many drinks like the ‘Basil no Faulty. The bar is decorated in a modern manner and the staff will help you to be more relaxed and enjoy a great time. If you want to have some good entertainment then just head to the LOOK Nomad pop-up cinema Regents Park. This is an open air theatre where you can have a great time indeed. You can enjoy your show here. You can check out the details of upcoming events online and book your show online in advance.

The Old Queen’s Head is also another event venue where you can enjoy great events. You can check out the details of the show online. All the shows that take place here are different always. They always have a different theme. You will generally see the criminal related shows here. Each and every story telling evening is being takes over as a host by three well-read and humorous speakers. In the September month there is a show by the name choices, on 20th. You can check the details on-line and book your show in advance.

LEARN The Last Tuesday Society shop and events Hackney E8 is another interesting thing. This is a wonderful event place where you can have a great time. You will get to see some strange shrunken heads, a deadly looking doll, dilapidated drawings, and also a man with head full of white hairs. This is not just a theatre but it is a shop as well. This is one of the best event venues. Many people come here and hence this gets crowded all the time. If you like to dance then you can brush up your music and dancing skills at the nearby Orphanage Masked Ball. The event is going to take place in 17 September and the tickets will cost you £25.You can book your tickets online in advance.

If you like to do loads of shopping then here is   a place just for you. SHOP 44 Frocks dress service is a place where you can spend good time doing sopping and enjoying your time. You can shop for a variety of things like dresses, shoes, cupcakes, jewellery, accessories. This is the best place to buy some designer dresses. Mobile clothing service is a fashion festival that you can take part in. This is a fashion fest that is hosted at the hipsters’ flats. This is a great event that you can enjoy.

There are many media types of London that go with a dash of bikram yoga This is a really good new publication that likes to discover  some cities those are unknown. The show is not just about the boats and there are many other things covered. If you want to enjoy all the events that take place in the city then you need find out a good hotel for you to stay. There are many good hotels like the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel where one can have a great time. This is one of the best hotels where you can enjoy the lovey atmosphere. The hotel staff will make you feel like you are at home. The hotel is surrounded by all natural beauty and you will have a great time here.

Premier hotels London England is another great place to spend good time. The hotel is one of the best hotels that offer a huge variety of accommodation types to the customers. You can choose a room type that can be suitable for you. If you are single then just take a single room or take a double room for a big family. If you do not mind speeding more then take a luxury suite and get utmost relaxation and joy.

 So there are many ways in which you can make you London stay outstanding as well as memorable. Just come here and have a wonderful time.

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