Retro London, Be Nostalgic in 10 Different Ways Now

May it be a liking of the sip of afternoon tea of anything else; you would really like to date back in the retro times. London has much to give to fulfil your vintage desire. There are ten ways in which you can get back in time in London. Here we have mentioned them and you can go through them to make your retro tour a great one.


There are many sopping streets where you can buy some vintage clothes at the most reasonable rates. Brick lane is where you can buy different old styled clothes. There are two well maintained and stylish shops in this lane. Vintage and Beyond Retro is a shop that stocks clothes that date back to the 60s. If you are looking for more stylish and designer based collection then you can go to the Strut on Broadway Market. You can also head to the Notting hill and there you will find legendary Rellik. This shop is visited by many of the celebs. This is a place where you can have a great time.


You can attend the Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. This takes place at York Hall at the Bethnal Green. You can see here many antique items like the armchairs, radios etc.  Many things here are affordable. You can see some show pieces that can really look beautiful when you keep them at home.


You can enjoy the best old style sweets here. Just try some sherbet lemons, coconut ice, bonbons and go back down the memory lane. You can also get these at the Hope & Greenwood at the Covent Garden but you will get them covered in the most beautiful manner. There are also many of the places where you can get the most authentic sweets that will take you back to the history.

Tea time

London is very well known for the best afternoon tea. There are any good hotels like Park Grand London Kensington Hotel where you can enjoy the old style afternoon tea. Just try some sugar coated Stella McCartney dresses and some Mulberry bags in the cake and you will be able to enjoy them at the well-known Berkeley Fashion Tea Not just the tea but you can also enjoy some other snacks. You must try some rainbow-coloured bread and lollies that will really make your taste buds happy.


This is a great combination that everyone would love. Many of the great performers have been here. You can see the great performance by burlesque girls and enjoy great afternoon tea at the same time. You can also try some pure cabaret at the Tassel Club in Hoxton.


You can enjoy great variety of cocktails in the city. Basement dwellings are a great bar that offers a great variety of beers and other hard drinks. The bar is not very easy to find but once you get here, you will not feel like going out from here. You can also go to the Nightjar at the city road or even you can go to the Hollingsworth in Fitzrovia.


London is a city that is very famous for entertainment with many cinema halls. There are many cinema halls that will allow you to get a movie ticket in advance online. The city has many oldest cinemas that date back more than 100 years ago. Phoenix is old cinema hall that is beautifully restored in the east side of the Finchley. You can also head to the Edwardian-era Gate cinema in the Notting Hill or Ritzy in Brixton.

Dancing Pop

Now just dance on the bits of rock and roll. The Blitz Party proves to be one of the best shows in the city; you can get the details of the latest events online. This is a great show and you will surely love to attend.


London is a city of culture and the exhibitions as well. The V&A museum located in the South Kensington gives all-inclusive look at the history of the beautiful Victorian-era building. This exhibition covers all aspects like furniture, jewels, ceramics, fashion, metalwork, textiles, sculpture, paintings and pottery etc. Most of the exhibitions go free and you can have a great time there.


London is a city of festivals. There are many festivals that take place throughout the year and you can see the details online. The Chap Olympiad is a type of school sports day and this event is held in July month of every year. This will take place at the Bedford Square. The events will cover iron board surfing, pipeathon and umbrella jousting as well. This show is very famous and you can book it online in advance. You can check the details online first. You can see the details of all the shows and then see which one can be the best for you.

As you start getting ready for the tour you need to find out a good Hotels accommodation London. There are many good hotels in the city and you can see which hotel is good for you. You can check the details, compare the prices and then book your hotel room. There are also many budget hotels here you can have a great stay. Most of such budget hotels are placed in the heart of the city and hence that can prove to be the most suitable location.

So just be ready for a great retro tour. Go back in the history of the city. Just have a retro feel and make your tour a great one. This is the time to lose you in the history and feel retro. Just be nostalgic and have a historical time at the best city.

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