Unusual places in London

By all accounts, London is filled with a variety of tourist attractions. But what you don’t usually hear about, are the vast collection of unusual and novel places in the capital. In this post, we will explore these, seeing if they are worth visiting. One of the things travellers love the most about this city, is the diversity on offer. From the parks to museums, to the shops and restaurants, this city makes you feel like you have an infinite amount of options.

By booking one of the central London hotels offers, you can enjoy a great stay at many luxury hotels. One of these is the Park Grand London Kensington – a venue found near the famous Kensington high street – home to Harrods. But importantly, it gives you a great point of access from which to visit the unusual places in London.

The Eisenhower Centre
Part of the city’s historical treasures, this venue comprises the various air-raid shelters that were built during the Second World War to protect citizens from aircraft fire and bombs. Fitted with bunks, kitchens, bathrooms, and medical facilities, they have housed more than a couple of thousand people during the war. It’s located just next to Tottenham Court Road.

The Roof Gardens
Found right above Kensington High Street, this is an oasis filled with rose bushes, fruit trees, evergreen shrubs, and wandering flamingos. Free to access, it makes for a great spot to visit for a delightful afternoon of shopping. Too often, we visit the provincial parks and gardens. But, if we do our research, we can find and discover unique nature spots in the city.

The Old Operating Theatre
This venue was discovered in the hidden garret of St Thomas’s church and is said to be the oldest surviving operating theatre in the country – featuring a frightening amount of primitive medical equipment.

The smallest Police Station
Found near Trafalgar Square, visitors can find an unassuming box in the south-east corner. It was installed in 1926 so that police officers could keep a close eye on demonstrators at a popular protest site and is said to have a direct line to Scotland Yard, and the nearest tube station, Charing Cross.

It’s evident that you don’t have just to visit the top tourist attractions when you visit London. There are plenty of small, unique spots worth cherishing – each of them offering something brilliant to your potential adventure in London.

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